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Participation Requirements
Every member is expected to take an active part in the one or more of the Workshop's lists.

Critiquing Lists:
Members of critiquing lists participate by submitting their works and critiquing other members' works. All must maintain minimum participation counts per calendar month, where one count equals one submission or one critique sent to the list. A count is given for one SUB: or one CRIT:.

The table below shows the minimum values for the various critiquing lists. Some critiquing lists allow limited discussions on the list's topic. Discussions posts do not receive participation credits.

If member participation falls below the minimum, the administrator will try to work with them. If that fails, then the member will be removed from the list. The member's best strategy is to Contact the administrator before it becomes a problem.
Critiquing-List Participation Requirements
Critiquing List Name
Monthly Minimum Participation Counts
Discussions Allowed?
  Fiction 2 subs / crits No discussions.
  Lovestory-L 1 sub + 2 crits Topic-related discussions only.
  NFiction 4 subs / crits No discussions.
  Novels-L 2 subs / crits  No discussions.
8, with more
crits than subs
 Discussions on theory only.
  Practice-W 1 sub and 1 crit  Topic-related discussions only.
  Script-W 1 sub and 2 crits  Topic-related discussions only.
  YAWrite 2 subs / crits Topic-related discussions only.
(Subs / Crits means any combination totaling to the number shown.)

Discussion lists:
Submissions or Critiques are not allowed on discussion lists, so there are no requirements or credits for participation. 

However, the Listserv computer program keeps track of whether members post to the list at least once in a number of months. If the member does not, Listserv sends a reminder at the end of the period. If there is no response, it removes the member from the list.

At this time of over-enthusiastic spam filters, it's possible not to see listserv's message. If you discover listserv has removed you, contact the list administrator for possible immediate reinstatement.

If, as a result of being removed, the member is no longer in any of the Workshop lists, then he or she must reapply to be readmitted.

Discussion-List Allowance Periods
Discussion List Name
Minimum Periods
Discussion Topics
 Writing 1 post in 6 months Directly related to the craft or marketing of writing. 
 MarketChat 1 post in 6 months Business aspects of freelance non-fiction writing.
 SFChat-L 1 post in 3 months SFChat related.

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